Learning to Live and Love like Jesus

Brad Carman’s Biography


My name is Ed Bradley Carman, but from the time I was born, my family and friends have called me Brad. I never really understood why my parents gave me a name they never, even one time, called me. But I’m good with Brad so you can call me that too. I was raised in Southeast Missouri and went to college and grad school in Tennessee. My wife is Gail. We met in 1973 and were married in 1974. We will celebrate 49 years of marriage on August 25, 2023. We have four children and seven grandchildren.

I believe in God and in his Son, Jesus the Christ. That belief and many more are the legacy I received from my parents and grandparents on both my father’s and mother’s sides of the family. In a way, I inherited my faith as I saw my family live out what it meant to be followers of Jesus. However, there came a point where I, like most teens, began to question if these beliefs were something I, on a personal level, truly believed. It was then that I went on a personal search, asking some pointed questions. “Do I really believe in God? Do I believe that the bible is the word of God? Do I believe that Jesus of Nazareth was born of virgin and was the promised Messiah of Israel who came to save the whole world?” There are many more questions to which I am still seeking answers, but those were where I started. Over the course of time, I came to my own faith, a faith that is still seeking answers to the hard questions of life and faith.

Maybe you are at the same place I was those many years ago, as I went on a search for my own faith. If I can assist you in your search, please reach out to me through this website.

I am praying for you and all who are in that search for God. And, there is good news; God is looking for you. I will close with a comment the son of the late Eugene Peterson made at his father’s memorial service. He said something like this.

“My father had everyone fooled because with all the books he wrote, he really had only one message. It was a message he spoke into our lives even as we slept. This was his one message.”

“God loves you. He is on your side. He is coming after you and he is relentless.”

That is the God I believe in and I want you to know him.

Prayerfully Yours, Brad Carman