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  1. As you read and study from the book of Luke, notice the many women mentioned. Why do you think women figure so prominently in Luke’s gospel?
  2. What did Christianity do for women?
  3. In wat ways did Anna represent her people when she welcomed the Savior?
  4. Compare the reactions of Simeon and Anna as their hopes were realized.
  5. Name some blessings enjoyed by older people who have served the Lord throughout their lives.
  6. Do elderly people outlive their usefulness? Explain.
  7. How can every one of us be a missionary? Were should be begin our witnessing? Why?
  8. Name some women missionaries who have gone out from your own church.
  9. What do we find easier to share – gossip or the gospel?
  10. Women who have had children often have much less to do when they reach middle age because their children have left home to be married, and so forth. Do you think they should “take it easy” or find new avenues of service? How and where can older women serve best?
  11. How do we see Jesus? What should be the expectation of every Christian?
  12. This lesson has special interest for older women, but those who are still young will also one day be older. What can we learn from this lesson of Anna?

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    1. Without Luke, we would not know so many facts about the women in Christ’s life. It also shows that women can have as important a role in the telling of Christ as men, which is different from the Jewish law.
    2. It gave them a voice.
    3. She went out and told others that the Messiah was born.
    4. Simeon was ready to die, but Anna wanted to continue to spread the word.
    5. A long life, happiness, no fear of death, teaching the younger.
    6. No, they can help teach the younger.
    7. We should begin witnessing as soon as we are saved. We may have to have others help us get people to understand everything, but we shouldn’t hide the gospel.
    8. Unfortunately for most people it is easier to spread gossip. Gossip is not of God.
    9. Yes, they should find new avenues to serve. They can teach ladies bible classes, children, etc.
    10. I think we each see Jesus a different way depending on our daily lives and what is happening. Our expectation should be to serve him until death or Christ’s coming and go to be with him in heaven.
    11. No matter what age, we can serve Christ – Titus 2:3-5.

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