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  1. Why do people disbelieve the story of the Virgin Birth? Which was the greater miracle, the Virgin Birth or God becoming man?
  2. Discuss Mariolary.
  3. What do we learn about Mary’s character during the visit with the angel (Luke 1:29, 34, 38)?
  4. Read Mary’s song (Luke 1:46-55). What does it revel about her?
  5. What qualifications did Joseph possess to be the foster father of Jesus?
  6. It is generally believed that Mary and Joseph lived in Bethlehem for a time (Matt. 2:11). How do you suppose Joseph supported his family? What reason can you suggest for their prolonged stay in Bethlehem?
  7. Who were among the first New Testament people to confess their faith in Jesus?
  8. Try to imagine Mary’s son as He played, studied, and worked; imagine His attitude toward His playmates, His parents, the natural world. Was He different from other children? Could Mary have had any problems with her child?
  9. Do mothers today always understand their children? Give examples.
  10. Did Mary have other children? Some say no, others yes. What do you think (eg. Matt. 12:46-50; Mark 6:3; Acts 1:14)? If she did, why did Jesus tell John to take care of her?
  11. What did Jesus teach us when he called Mary woman instead of mother?
  12. What makes Mary great?

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    1. Because there had never been a virgin birth before, or they didn’t believe in God. God can do anything, so how can you compare which was greatest – John 1:1.
    2. It is something we do not practice. It is the worship of the statute of the virgin Mary.
    3. She was greatly troubled when the angel first appeared. She questioned how it would happen, but then stated that she would do as asked since she had great faith.
    4. Mary is glorifying the Lord in song for what he is going to do in this world. She realized that this was going to be a gift for many generations. She also realizes that the gift will be for everyone and is for us to choose. She realized that God is fulfilling his promises to Abraham.
    5. Joseph was very faithful and trusted what the angel told him. He was a carpenter and had a trade to teach Jesus.
    6. Joseph probably supported his family with carpentry. They might have stayed in Bethlehem for a while until they had money to travel back to Galilee. It also might have been so they would not be criticized by those in Galilee for having Jesus.
    7. The shepherds, Simeon, Anna, the wise men, as well as Mary and Joseph.
    8. Jesus was different from other children; everything he did was perfect. He also had a great desire to learn. I feel that Mary’s biggest problem was having to explain to Jesus why he was so different,
      so that as Jesus grew he knew the difference.
    9. Yes: before they can speak, when they disobey, when they do something without being asked.
    10. Yes, she had other children. Matt. 12:46 – 50 tells us his mother and brother were waiting for him. Mark 6:3 – “Isn’t this Mary’s son and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon? Aren’t his sisters here with us?” Acts 1:14 also talks about his brothers. I think he told John to take care of her because he was at the cross with Jesus. He was also a disciple that was in the inner group. His brothers may have not been a believer at the time and he wanted his mother with believers.
    11. I think Jesus was trying to teach us that our earthly family is not as important as our heavenly family.
    12. She was the mother of our savior.

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