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  1. Gabriel is God’s special messenger of good news. See, for example, Daniel 9:20-23 and Luke 1:26-38. Was it unusual to be troubled by the sight of an angel (Judg. 6:22-23; 1 Chron. 21:30; Dan. 8:17, 27)?
  2. Compare Luke 1:17 and Malachi 4:5-6
  3. Do you think women today are as desirous of having children and pray as fervently for them as Elisabeth?
  4. Is it as easy to “walk together” today as it was for Elisabeth and her husband?
  5. Often, relations between relatives are not as they should be. What can we learn from the visit of the cousins?
  6. Considering that Elisabeth knew, to a certain extent, what John’s task would be, what do you think she told him to do? If he were your son, what would you have taught him? What part could Zacharias contribute to John’s training?
  7. Should we always train our children for great service?
  8. Was there significance in the meaning of the name John?
  9. What good qualities did Elisabeth posses? Did she have any outstanding virtue?
  10. Are most character traits inherited or acquired by daily contact with parents or others?
  11. List and show from scripture the character traits of John that remind you of his mother.
  12. What was revolutionary about John’s message? Where did John get his clear understanding of his mission?

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    1. Gabriel is God’s special messenger of good news. Daniel 9:20 – Daniel tells Gabriel he has seen before. Luke 1:26-38 – Gabriel tells Mary not to be afraid. Judges 6:22-23 Gideon realizes he is seeing an angel and is told not to be afraid. 1 Chron. 21:30 – David was afraid because he saw the sword of the angel. Dan. 8:17, 27 – Daniel was afraid and slept for several days. Luke 2:9 – The shepherds saw the angels and they were afraid. It was quite common for people to be afraid of the angels. They were all told not to be afraid.
    2. They both tell us that there will be a messenger that will help turn the people back to God. The roles of Elijah and John are similar.
    3. There are some women today who desire to have children and can not have them. I’m not sure they pray as fervently.
    4. I think it all depends on how much they rely on God as a couple.
    5. Mary learned a lot about having a child by visiting her cousin. Having a relationship with relatives gives us the opportunity to learn about each other.
    6. I am sure she taught him about her faith in God. She would have told what great opportunities awaited him. Zacharias might have taught him how to live off the land and also set an example for him.
    7. Yes, we never know what God has planed for them and we need to train them to do their best.
    8. John means “God is gracious”.
    9. She had strong faith and trust in God. She was a good teacher. I think her faith in prayer and trusting that she would be given a son.
    10. I think most character traits are learned from the ones the child is around.
    11. Faith and obedience to God.
    12. He was teaching repentance and baptism. I think his mother probably taught him.

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