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  1. Is prayer a natural impulse, or is it an art – that is, something we must learn to do?
  2. May we ask God for anything we want?
  3. Sarah, Rachel, and Rebekah were barren, just as Hannah had been. How did each of these women react to their trail?
  4. How often had the Lord commanded that the feast be kept? See Exodus 23:14-17. How often did Elkanah go? See Judges 21:19; and Samuel 1:3; 2:19. What can we learn from Elkanah?
  5. How did Eli err in his view of Hannah? What does that teach us? Notice that, though Eli had personal shortcomings, Hannah received his words with reverence and joy.
  6. Do you think pastors should have more extensive training in the field of psychology, sociology, and counseling? Why? Why not?
  7. Hannah dedicated her child to God. Do parents have the right to choose a profession (eg., the ministry, medicine, and so on) for their children? Give reasons for your answer.
  8. Describe Hannah’s character. How can Hannah’s story benefit us?
  9. Compare Hannah’s “Song of Triumph” (1 Sam. 2:1-10) and the Magnificat of Mary (Luke 1:46-55).

One Comment

    1. Jesus taught the disciples to pray. I think as we grow as Christians, we learn to pray more diligently. Non-Christians sometimes try to pray, but must repent through prayer.
    2. We may ask for anything, but that doesn’t mean he will answer it, or even answer it in the way we would like it answered.
    3. All three of the women tried to handle it differently.
      a) Sarah laughed when she heard that she was going to have a child.
      b) Rachel blamed Jacob and was bitter and angry.
      c) Rebekah prayed for twenty years before being blessed with children.
    4. The Lord commanded three feasts:
      1) The feast of unleavened bread
      2) The feast of harvest
      3) The feast of ingathering
      Elkanah went every year as instructed in Judges 21. Being faithful, we can reap rewards from our Heavenly Father.
    5. I am sure everyone has their own opinion. Training in these areas can be a plus for a minister, but the Bible should be our source to go to for everything.
    6. God gives each child a talent. We can give our child to God to make them what they will become.
    7. Hannah was faithful to God. She continued to trust God first. She kept her promise to God when he blessed her.
    8. They both start by praising God. They both realize that those that love God will be blessed and the wicked will be destroyed.

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