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  1. What does the name Ruth mean? Compare it with the meaning of the word ruthless. Characterize Ruth.
  2. Was it love for God or Naomi that determined Ruth’s choice?
  3. In case of financial need in the family circle, whose duty do you think it is to help: family members, the church, or the state?
  4. What special provision was made for the poor among the Israelites?
  5. Notice the greetings used (Ruth 2:4). Were the Israelites more God-conscious than we are?
  6. Compare family patterns in Ruth’s day and ours. What changes have come since our grandparents’ day? Have these changes helped family relations?
  7. What is the reason there is so much divorce? For the problems schools have with children these days? What solutions would you offer if you were asked to help solve these problems?
  8. Tell the story of Naomi’s matchmaking, paying special attention to her womanly wisdom.
  9. Should a woman maneuver to get the man she wants, or is it really up to the man to choose a spouse?
  10. What are the main values shown in the book of Ruth?

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    1. Comrade, companion, friend. Ruthless: having or showing no pity or compassion for others. Ruth was a very courageous, loving, and compassionate woman. She was very trusting and able to leave family behind for the ones who loved her.
    2. Both. She had learned about God’s love through Naomi. I think she loved Naomi for all that she had done for her since she married Mahlon.
    3. We need to try to help ourselves first, then we can be helped by the staff of the church.
    4. Deut. 15 – Every seven years, debts were to be cancelled. God planned that their new land should provide for all of the Israelites. They were to help the poor out in whatever way they could.
    5. They were not afraid to speak about God openly. Today we are looked at differently if we were to give such a greeting. But they were not perfect either.
    6. In Ruth’s day the wife stayed home. They did chores and took care of the children. Today woman work outside the home.
    7. People are not willing to stick with commitment. We have become a society of if I don’t like it, I will leave. A lot of parents do not want to be involved with their children. School has become a babysitting service for a lot of parents. Solutions: try to get prayer back in the schools, and try to get parents to me more involved.
    8. Naomi noticed that Boaz showed special attention to Ruth. She also knew of Jewish traditions and how she could let Boaz know there was interest.
    9. A woman can let a man know she is interested, but it takes two to make a marriage.
    10. Love, respect, relationship, obedience, family.

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