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  1. What does the name Miriam mean?
  2. What characteristic traits do we see in Miriam as a child?
  3. Is it good for young children to carry responsibility? What kind? How much?
  4. How can we be our brother’s keeper in the family circle? In the community of believers?
  5. What was Miriam’s contribution to the building of the new nation?
  6. What roles do woman play in the building of the kingdom today? What do you think of political involvement?
  7. Was Miriam’s claim in Numbers 12:2 true or false? Explain your answer.
  8. What was her sin? Is this kind of sin prevalent now? What are the effects on those who commit it? On others involved?
  9. What qualities of heart and mind must we have to preform our tasks to the glory of God?

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    1. Wished for child, bitter, rebellious, strong waters (another name for Mary)
    2. Bravery, well trained in scripture, responsible, obedient, courageous
    3. Yes, tasks should be assigned based on the child’s mental and physical abilities. A very young child can be taught to pick up their toys for example and will continue on as they get older.
    4. Within the family circle, a sister can watch her brothers and make sure they are doing what they should and what is right. If they see something wrong they can go to that sibling or the parents if appropriate. Among believers, they can be mindful of someone falling away or struggling. They can reach out to help them by talking with them, praying with them, or visiting them.
    5. Miriam helped the women to understand what was going on. She probably had a large part in encouraging them to get the Egyptians to give them belongings before they left. I also think she helped the women learn their new roles as they traveled.
    6. In the church there are many roles for women. They can teach, pray, and worship. If their spouse is an elder or a deacon, they play a really important role in praying for and supporting their spouse. They can strengthen others through prayer. Political involvement – praying to God for guidance.
    7. Yes, it was true. Moses had a Cushite wife, but jealousy was her motive. She was not as powerful or humble as Moses.
    8. Miriam’s sin was jealousy. I feel it’s just as prevalent today as it was from the beginning. The devil uses our mind to commit sin. The ones that commit sin often become outsiders in the end. The person who they accuse of something is usually very hurt, and might not be as forgiving as they should be.
    9. We must worship and love our Lord God with all our heart, soul, and mind.

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